Silicon Surfers Managed IT

Date of completion: 2005.06.08


This site contains an important array of technical features.

  • It’s standards based, passing the W3C Markup and CSS Validation tests.
  • All of the common graphic elements are merged into one for quick loading.
  • While not specifically built to support Accessibility
    • The site was designed to render cleanly using Lynx.
    • The ‘alt’ attribute is used only where necessary and appropriate.
    • A full alternate menu is provided for those whose environment doesn’t support JavaScript and graphic elements.
  • The site uses a simple pair of PHP files to provide a consistent “wrapper” for the content. This includes the header, menu and footer elements.
  • Some elements such as the timezones displayed and the copyright dates are rendered on the fly to match the date and perceived location (Canada or US) of the visitor.
  • The content on any page scrolls if necessary, rather than allowing the page itself to scroll. This is done to support the common elements such as the header, footer and menu.
  • The content area will expand or contract to fill the available room in the browser. If the space provided becomes to small, the content window stops shrinking and the browser will have to be scrolled to see all parts of it.
  • To the extent outlined in the preceding point, the site may be viewed as “responsive”. It is not, however adaptive in any sense since it makes no attempt to ascertain much less accommodate different devices that may be used to view it.

More screenshots: