Technologies: AWS

Production Listings App

As Principal Developer, helped design and fully code

Project goal
Design a mobile, phone optimized version of

I built the app as a Progressive Web App. As such it works on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops. It’s principal goal is to provide an efficient, familiar experience on phones.

The interface under-goes ongoing tweaks to ensure it is as straightforward and efficient to use.

Move to AWS

Ensure smooth move from an aging server to AWS.

Project goal
Move from an expensive, antiquated server to an efficient, flexible platform suitable for future growth opportunities. This includes upgrades to PHP along with all the modifications necessary to allow the legacy system to function properly in the new environment.

A great deal of custom patches to the codebase as well as tweeks to Apache configs and database connectivity. It’s been necessary to maintain part of the legacy system on the current machine. This required modifications to provide a fault tolerant connection to a remote AWS database.

Support of Operations

Below The Line is engaged in ongoing development of their offerings and sites. My role is to oversee work performed by contractors to ensure it is timely and does not compromise operations.

Date of completion: N/A


Short description: Full Stack Development and Management Services

Date of completion: 2014.01.31

Short description: Developed the initial UI used to “onboard” clients and allow them to manage their services.